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Just Say No To Pretexting

At CourtRecords, we are committed to helping you get the most phone information possible without breaking the law. After all, it doesn't help us if our customers end up in jail! While it's perfectly legal to get phone number and reverse look up information about someone, there is one record that you may not access - the actual phone logs of people other than yourself. In other words, you can't find out who that person has been calling or who has called him or her.

What Is Pretexting?

Pretexting is the most common way people illegally get telephone logs of other people. It's called pretexting, because people have to lie or come up with a "pretext" in order to get the information illegally.

There are two ways pretexting happens. People can call you and claim to be from your phone company, and need to know who you have called to verify their records. Other times, people call up the phone company claiming to be you and ask the phone company directly for the records.

Either action is a felony.

What Is The Risk Involved In Pretexting?

If you commit an act of pretexting or pay someone or some company to pretext on your behalf, you will go to jail. It's not only illegal to pretext, but it is just as much a violation of the law to pay someone for confidential telephone records.

The penalty is up to 10 years in prison plus steep fines. Because pretexting is a violation of federal law, you will be subject to mandatory sentencing guidelines. Plus, parole does not exist in the federal system. In other words, you'll end up behind bars.

Pretexting is taken so seriously by the federal government that most phone and telecommunications companies have extensive employee training to make sure they are on guard against pretexting.

The bottom line is that you should never, ever pretext or trust any company that claims they can get you confidential phone logs.

Why Would Anyone Pretext?

Most people who want to pretext do so because they are criminals. If people get a hold of your private, confidential information they can use it for a variety of purposes ranging from identity theft to blackmail.

Other people do so simply in order to get damaging information about someone. This is common during Family cases or custody hearings. Sometimes, companies want to get the phone logs of their employees to make sure they are not divulging company secrets. Other people pretext for stalking purposes.

But, it doesn't really matter why someone would commit an act of pretexting - what really matters is that it's against the law, so don't do it!


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