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The Truth About GPS Tracking And Contact Information Lookups

When you are trying to track someone down via their phone, there are two types of services that companies may try to offer you - GPS Tracking and Contact Information Lookups.

Of the two, we strongly recommend you chose the type of Contact Information Lookups that CourtRecords provides and stay far away from GPS Tracking - and we'll tell you why.

What Is GPS Tracking?

Many modern phones come equipped with GPS tracking devices installed. There are two legitimate reasons for this. For one, it can help people out if they are lost. They can activate their GPS and get real time directions to where they want to go.

For another, parents can use them to keep track of their children and if one of their kids is missing, access the information to find out where their phone is and track them down.

Unfortunately, there are less benign things that can be done with them. Some companies will offer to track someone for you based on their GPS chip. This has led to stalking, harassment and illegal surveillance.

The Problems With Using GPS Tracking

There are two main problems with using GPS Tracking to find someone. First, it's illegal in many U.S. states and foreign countries. The company that's offering to do the search for you may not care about the law, but that won't help you if you end up in jail.

Beyond that, there is a lot of software out there that allows people to transmit fake GPS signals from their phone. In other words, you could end up paying a company to give you incorrect information that won't help you.

Why Choose Contact Information Lookups

Face it, most people don't need to know where someone is every second of the day. If you are trying to track someone down, knowing where they live and work is enough information to get the job done. Do you really need to know if they went to Pizza Hut for lunch?

That's why Contact Information Lookups are the right choice. They are not against the law, they provide correct information and they get the job done. They are perfect for most legal reasons you'd want to track someone down - whether that be stopping prank calls or getting in touch with old friends. As long as you are not a criminal or a stalker there is really no reason to put yourself at legal jeopardy by using GPS Tracking.


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